MeGo Community


MegoEvent provides users with the unique ability to create, publish, market, and arrange your own events, completely by yourself. With no need for middlemen, you can now have your event, solely by your own means.


As an organiser, you can create an event page, arrange your event layout, handle your exhibitors, monitor analytics, and market your event through our channels.

Create an event page, and upload banners, information, and ticket prices here. Accept, reject, or monitor exhibitors and their booths to ensure you have a satisfactory event. Check on your ticket sales, participant entries, popular booths and more in the event analytics area. Upload banners to our front page as part of our marketing options.


As an exhibitor, you can join events and display your products in a unique booth of your own design. Upload your own banners, logos, and interact with customers with a live virtual chat and reach a wider audience.

Create a booth, and upload banners, information, products, link videos, display your facebook page, indulge your visitors with fun games, and more. Equipped with a live chat feature, you can network and answer queries from your participants in real time, all from the comfort of your office.


Booth prices are determined by the Organisers of individual events and may differ according to their requirements.

Booths are split into 4 tiers:

- Diamond
- Gold
- Silver
- Bronze

Each tier offers different event experiences for both you and your participants, as the higher tiers provide more leeway for customers, and may allow for more products or interesting booth items to be added.

MeGoEvent allows users to add products, games, live chat, FAQ, document repository, flipbook, videos, social media links, and more. The booth creation is completely DIY, so users need only to upload their images and drag and drop their chosen media as desired.


As a participant, join engaging events through our portal and explore unique floorplans to meet real-time exhibitors and view their products, all without having to leave your seat.

Choose from a variety of fun avatars to represent yourself and meet people from around the world at MeGoEvent. Shop from many different exciting exhibitors, local and foreign whilst opening your own pool to welcome networks from anywhere around the world.


Event prices are determined by the Organisers of individual events and may differ according to their requirements.

Attend live shows and visit different unique booths during your visit! Network with other users comfortably with our virtual namecards, or even invite users to a private chat to get to know more about them and their buisnesses.

Get in touch with exhibitors directly with our live chat function and speak to them about the latest deals or questions you may have. Play interesting games at booths or watch live performances or even product demos! You can even meet with an interesting and engaging cast of VIPs ranging from local celebrities to influencers as they host the event.

Who knows what you can find on MeGoEvent!